Inclusivity- What does it mean?

There are many ways to improve wellbeing, to promote flourishing. CBT, yoga, life coaching and mindfulness all offer strategies to equip you with knowledge and skills to to help you to manage and tolerate distress, be empathic, compassionate, focused and grounded. They provide you with a foundation that is stable to allow you to navigate through life’s rocky road towards your goals.

Our mission is to allow individuals to connect, thrive and overcome adversity using evidence based and effective interventions tailored to your needs and circumstances. I am motivated by my experience of having been fortunate enough to have had access to services, training, support and supervision and I feel the need to give back to my community.

I believe that understanding that discrimination is not personal, but merely a human habit borne out of self-focus and lack of awareness, can be liberating.

“Being other is not a choice and is usually predetermined way before we come to this world. “

For me, inclusivity is the antidote to discrimination.  I remember feeling so shocked during my training at Oxford, when my wonderful teacher, John Peacock pointed out that we will never overcome discrimination,  that it is a human thing. And yet, now it makes sense. Having spent most of my life trying to put out the fires of discrimination, as a nurse, mother, Mary Seacole Scholar, accepting that discrimination is part of life and my lot, has been truly empowering.

So for me, inclusivity is being welcomed and welcoming in a way which acknowledges and includes the difference, so that the difference becomes a strength and adds to the agenda, rather than detracting from it. This means treating everyone as an active agent worthy of understanding and compassion, listening and attending to the individual’s, group’s or community’s needs in a way that helps everyone find their purpose in life.